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It’s Thursday, we’re staffing you on a telecommunications project in Calgary, Canada on Monday. Your flight and hotel are booked; your visa is ready. What are the top five things you do before you leave?


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1. Update my resume 2. Contact friends and family about finding a new job 3. Pretend to be violently ill on Monday 4. Use up all of my sick days and vacation days. 5. Wait to get fired, which should have happened long ago because I'm not qualified to work in telecommunications.

dudeNumber2 su


1. Make sure the rest of the work to be completed on site by Friday is done or delegated. 2. Confirm key contacts know where I'll be, in case disaster strikes. 3. Follow up e-mail with group I'll be visiting, to confirm location/times/activities, ask about local weather - any warning/alerts, in case of delays. 4. Meeting prep - materials review, agenda review, ship any items which I cannot carry on airplane by myself. 5. Travel prep - weather conditions, personal/medical needs, electronics, luggage, drop off/pickup at airport and any other connections to get to/from Calgary meet points.

Brian K. su


1. Determine scope of my assignment and major stakeholders 2. Find out if there are specific issues I need to address/personalities to mitigate 3. Determine our expected outcomes beyond getting the job done (growth oppertunties etc. ) 4. Pack my luggage 5. Get to the airport (print passes etc. )

Andrew su


Today is Thursday and I'm leaving on Monday? Then I'm doing whatever I'm doing every Thursday..

Daniel su


Prepare, Prepare, Prepare, Review strip clubs on yelp and bring single dollar bills yo.

Nick su


1. Is the flight a direct flight? If not, change it. 2. Get the address of the hotel. 3. Get the address of the client. 4. Look up who is on the project and their roles. 5. Check the weather and make sure I'm dressed appropriately.

Canuck su


Why do I need visa to get into Canada?

Rosimili su


Calgary? Find Calgary on a map. Buy long johns. Check the Flames schedule and procure tickets. Find snowshoes. Rent a saint Bernard.

Anonimo su


Who is my client? Is my client solvent enough to pay for my services. Be sure we have a signed contract for the services I provide. Pack my clothes, passport & visa, toilet paper, GPS, Phone, camera, laptop or iPad and credit cards. Print and bring my boarding pass Ask client how long this assignment will be?

UncleLouie su


1. Drink about having to go to Canada 2. Continue drinking 3. Continue drinking 4. Continue drinking 5. Get a taxi to the airport.

Anonimo su


1. Update your status on Facebook 2. searching for information on google 3. Provide funds for unforeseen purposes 4. break 5. waiting for shuttle to airport

Adikin su


1. Thursday, bone the wife, tell her leaving Friday for Calgary. 2. Friday, bone the girlfriend and tell her Sunday leaving for Calgary, repeat Saturday. 3. Sunday, bone boss's wife 4. Bone boss's dog 5. Bone boss's daughter, leave for Calgary Monday morning.

Donald su


Contact Tim Horton, contact my buddy to go hiking in the backcountry, set up a tour of the new Alberta Children's Hospital, plan time to buy wool sweater in Banff, Call the city of Banff and find the irish pub that has great ambience and stew

Mike su


(1)Prepare & review the telecommunication project. (2)Learn about Calgary, Canada (3)confirm & reconfirm the Flight timings. (4)Confirm & reconfirm the hotel In & Check Out timings with complementatry's if any. (5)confirm & reconfirm the VISA validity & the country for which it has been issued.

Prashant Sadrani su


wake up, sex, pee, shower, go...

=z= su


Sounds like it may be a telemarketing or tele-survey venture. 1. Update My resume 2. Quite my job 3. Update my Linked In information 4 Search the web for a new job 5 File for unemployment and food stamps.

Jim su


Cancel the flight and Rent an SUV (I don't fly) - Check that the hotel has the required services and book another if it is a dump. - Tell someone where I am going. - Crate my electronics (notebook, hack tools, etc.) and pack 8 pairs of Jeans and black T shirts, if I am going to be building the system. Nothing else need be done.

C Donogan su


1..) Make sure the Hotel bar in the room is stocked, double if possible 2.) Order a drink, and some well bred hookers for Monday late night, 3.) Condoms on ice.

Anonimo su


bringing*.... maybe also clean the dust out of my keyboard.

Peter su


Sleep, eat/drink, defecate/urinate, pack my bags, and charge any electronics I am brining with me.

Peter su

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