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My interview started with she asking me questions from my resume. She asked me how my job related to the Market Analyst position and then she asked me some behavioural questions: • What a good team was for me and tell an example of a time I worked with a team and achieved good results • In my view, how my relationship with the manager should be and how I managed this relationship in the past • Why I want to work for Nielsen and what are my future goals • What are my three major strengths • Where do l think I need to improve After that she asked me: • about my salary range and if the proposed salary and benefits was OK for me • if I am legally able to work in Canada, and • when I am available to start They then finally concluded the interview by reviewing the position, the company, the future perspectives and trainings with me. If you succeed, Nielsen will contact you and you will get a case to present in your final interview along with two managers (people that will work with you – your manager and the account director). So, this third interview will also be conducted in person with the person who would make the final decision about hiring. For the case, you will likely be given some sales data for Company A and will have to prepare a short powerpoint presentation incorporating this data. This will test three things: 1. Your ability to analyze the data 2. You ability to provide recommendations based on the analysis 3. You presentation style / ability to remain calm and professional


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A good advice is: if you do not know the answer to one of their questions regarding the case, do not pretend to know it and try to talk around it. You may not believe me, but they do not expect you to be an expert and would rather you say something like, “No, I did not notice that” or “I will look into that later” (the 2nd response would be more for presenting to clients) than pretending to know something and trying to talk AROUND it. It happened to me, and this is a test to test you. Don’t fall for that! As for the interview, it started with a brief introduction followed by the business case analysis and a final discussion about the company and the position: introduction: the 2 minutes introductory speech, how my past experience relates to the position, why I want to work at Nielsen and some specific questions (computer skills, experience with what type of analysis, and type of negotiations and seminars conducted) business case: I present the case over 10 minutes (case review, conclusion and recommendations - focusing on the action plan and matrix). I was asked to point-out the three main issues (lost of distribution, lack of product on the shelves, impact of the package decrease), if it would be a good idea to decrease even more the price to solve the problem (which I said no), and which recommendations would give immediate impact on the business (those related to distribution). discussions about the company and the position: the interviewers explained me that I would be working along with a team of consultants nationwide. As Market Analyst I would get three weeks of initial training and work at the office. (Visits to clients are reserved to Senior Analysts - so I can expect to do it perhaps after 1-2 years). My advice here is that due to my comprehensive preparation I was confident and I think they realized it and appreciated the amount of effort I have dedicated to the business case and searching the firm. I tried to "break the ice" by trying to engage all of them in the conversation and my answers, and because they were all very friendly and nice, the interview occurred in a relaxed and outgoing way. So, as you see, from my experience all three interviews went very well. Everybody was very nice and because the analytic test you will have to take determines your level of skill, the interviews will determine more of a fit. GOOD LUCK!!!

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Could you please tell me how long did it take Nielsen to extend an offer to you after the final third round case interview ? also, did you negotiate the salary / benefits ?

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