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I datori di lavoro cercano Agenti di sicurezza che siano in grado di proteggere le persone grazie alla loro attenzione ai dettagli e alla capacità di riconoscere il pericolo. Preparati a rispondere a domande sulle tue condizioni fisiche e sulla tua capacità di gestire situazioni difficili o potenzialmente pericolose. Gli Agenti di sicurezza possono lavorare a stretto contatto con i clienti, quindi indica che possiedi spiccate doti interpersonali.

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Domande tipiche dei colloqui per Agente di sicurezza e come rispondere

Ecco le 3 domande più frequenti nei colloqui di lavoro per Agente di sicurezza e consigli su come rispondere:

Domanda 1: Parla di un episodio in cui hai affrontato un’aggressione.

Come rispondere: Con questa domanda, gli intervistatori vogliono capire se possiedi le capacità fisiche e mentali per affrontare un'aggressione. Sfrutta questa occasione per descrivere la tua esperienza sul campo.

Domanda 2: Come fai a riconoscere il pericolo?

Come rispondere: Le persone potenzialmente pericolose non sono sempre facilmente riconoscibili, quindi gli intervistatori vogliono capire se sei in grado di identificarle prima che una situazione si aggravi. Talvolta in questi casi sono coinvolti più membri del personale della sicurezza che lavorano insieme per prevenire situazioni potenzialmente pericolose. Potresti anche citare un episodio da cui emerga la tua capacità di lavorare in team.

Domanda 3: Conosci le tecnologie in materia di sicurezza?

Come rispondere: Anche se l’Agente di sicurezza svolge un lavoro di tipo fisico, può essere previsto che utilizzi alcune tecnologie. Se ti stai candidando per una posizione che prevede l’utilizzo di telecamere e software di sicurezza, puoi descrivere la tua esperienza con queste tecnologie oppure puoi spiegare che, se verrai assunto, sei disposto a migliorare le tue competenze in ambito informatico.

Domande principali poste durante i colloqui

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Domande per la posizione di Sales Representative...14 ottobre 2012

If you could be anyone else, who would it be

34 risposte

Your boss, so I could teach you to ask interview questions relevant to the job.

It would be the alternate reality version of me...the version where I am employed. Meno

Why would I want to be somebody else?

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The Hershey Company

Can you describe a time where you had to give and receive feedback?

32 risposte

yes All The Time

yes All The Time

yes All The Time

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Have you got any previous experience in a sales based role? If so please elaborate.

28 risposte

yes sir Iam sales oficer of marketing SA group of bangladesh and ten years near heram madinah saudiarabia retail shop sales and cash handeling and menageing shop. Meno

Dear Hr Department greetings ,yes I worked has sale assistant at bakemart in retail from the year 2018-2020 June and I have 2 years of experience in Dubai working in dubai mall Meno

I m from India Mumbai looking for reputed company or organisation to work with i m from IT information technology of software and hardware but I have 12yrs experience in sales with fluent arabic n English and i have valid UAE manual driving license Meno

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What is something that you can use to improve your job?

22 risposte

Yes, We should definitely keep a positive mindset. But My center is in Silver Spring MD, and training starts May 4th, I just wish theyd send the info further so I can put in my two weeks. But definitely keep me posted as I will do the same. Good luck! Meno

I don't know when the training date is, here in Newport News VA...... But good luck and I'll keep you posted Meno

Maybe because theyre still interviewing people. I have an interview wednesday for the call center sales in newport news. Meno

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Ja trabalhou como vendedor?

17 risposte




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How many tennis balls are in this room and why?

14 risposte

Everybody is reading this question wrong. It doesn't say how many tennis balls CAN FILL this room. It says how many tennis balls are IN THIS ROOM and why. The question is probably meant to see if the candidate is actually fully paying attention to the questions (unlike everybody who has answered it here). It is a trick. I would gather to say that there are NO tennis balls in the room...and why? Because it is an office, not a tennis court. Meno

Hi wildfiresg, Maybe you should ask the interviewer to show the insides of his pockets? You never know, maybe there is a tennis ball in there! Meno

I think wildiresg is the only one above who's really paying attention (which is CRITICAL in an interview) - give him the job!! And Igor makes a very good but funny point....the candidate should also ask to check any drawers, boxes or closets in the room!!! Meno

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Emirates Global Aluminium

How much can you increase the sales than the current condition

13 risposte

Good networking and providing your customer a solution to their problem rather than just trying to sell would increase your sales Meno

Good networking and providing your customer a solution to their problem rather than just trying to sell would increase your sales Meno

Promote your products and if needed convince it’s customers to buy your products and also sell add ons and cross selling to help and increase your sales. Meno

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Ochsner Health

How do I handle multitasking in the work place?

11 risposte


I do like to work as a team

I am very responsible with my job

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The Coca-Cola Company

Tell me of a time you satisfied a previously dissatisfied customer?

10 risposte


Remain calm. When a customer starts yelling or being otherwise rude, there is nothing to be gained by responding in a similar manner. ... Don't take it personally. ... Use your best listening skills. ... Actively sympathize. ... Apologize gracefully. ... Find a solution. ... Meno

I treat them with respect as with everyone. I listen carefully to lean about their complaint. Then I give them a resolution appropriate to the situation, and ask them if it’s fair or better than fair. Complaints are an opportunity to shine brightly for my company.. Meno

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Why is a man hole cover round?

9 risposte

There are a few answers that would qualify as "correct", but I suspect this question won't be making the rounds much longer as this is becoming the stereotypical case example question which is meant to "see how you think". A circular manhole cover can never fall into the hole, as a square cover could by turning it on a diagonal, for example. Also, a worker can easily roll the cover without every having to lift it. Meno

In addition to Adam's answers, they are also round because they will fit on the manhole regardless of which way you put them on. Meno

The real reason manhole covers are round is because the manhole is round. It certainly wouldn't do to put a square cover on a round hole. (However, that's likely not the answer they are looking for.) Meno

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