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Estimate the sofas market size

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Estimating through reasoning, by estimating number of households and number of sofas per household

Is it profitable to have a taxi in Rome?

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How much time will it take for you to learn out suite of SW and be rady to teach it?

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Nothing was really unexpected, but I got off on the wrong track on the case.. and swan dove off the cliff from there when I messed up some very simple math, I think I included two more zeros than I should have. We both knew it was over when the guy basically chuckled at me because it was amusing to him how off base the answer could, in fact, be.

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Standard questions for personal experience Cases may chance interview by intervew but they are all in the McKinsey style

Why do you want to do this job? What are you most proud of? Weakness and strength? What should be our strategy for next year? Profit optimisation for electronic good consumer Tire manufacturer profit loss case Utilities pricing and competitive response?

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