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How would you handle a situation with an angry customer?

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Handling angry customers can be one of the most challenging aspects of a job. Whether they confront you face-to-face, or you speak with them at the phone.

First of all I have to listen actively to what the costumer says. Calming down my mind and his / hers

Separate your feelings from the situation. Repeat the customer’s concerns. Once the customer is done venting, make sure you know exactly what it is they are upset about. If you are still feeling a little unclear, repeat what you think the customer is upset about, or ask him questions. Repeating the problem back to the customer will show him that you were listening, and will also let you confirm the problem that needs to be fixed. Let the customer know that you are genuinely sorry that this happened to them--regardless of whether or not you think they are being a bit dramatic about the situation. If you are in the process of handling a situation and the customer demands that you call your manager or supervisor over, it is best to follow the wishes of the customer.

Why do you wanna work for Zara?

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Perchè ti sei candidato? Perchè vuoi cambiare lavoro? Hai esperienza in questo settore?

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Why are you applying for this position in a difficult city?

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What are the possible synergies of a bank merger between bank X and bank Y (two regional Italian banks)?

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Estimate the sofas market size

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1: perchè vorrebbe entrare a fare parte di pwc? 2: cosa la spinge a cambiare? 3: le sue esperienze sono in linea con la posizione per la quale si è candidato? 4:dove si vede tra 10 anni?

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Management with customers, how much actions I took in taking decisions.

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not difficult, but asked me how i thought it was the sales process at Tiffany's.

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