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Numerical test regarded just questions on macroeconomic stuff

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Did they write you an email saying you were out?

For what I remember yeah (it’s been two years since I applied), pretty sure it was one of the automatic replies.

Ps: apologies, I clicked on -1 by mistake.

A friend of mine has just inherited a piece of land. What can I suggest him in order to make money?

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Tell me about a situation when you had to convince other people to follow your idea

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Tell me why the number of car accidents reported to insurance companies is declining.

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Qual’è il suo inquadramento economico?

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Market sizing, Market entry strategy, and justification of your choices in the math test. Motivational questions.

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Trovare errore in un codice in python

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Quali sono i principali argomenti da trattare in una presentazione di progetto?

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How many piano accorder are in Milan? How would you evaluate the opening of a fast food chain in the main square of Milan? How do you evaluate a company by economic indicators? In english: describe your previous experience, a trip you did, and other personal experiences

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Why us?

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