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Domande per la posizione di Change Manager...9 dicembre 2015

How do I know you will not leave this role when a better one comes along?

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I am applying for this position because I am seeking to further develop my skills,which I have now mastered in my previous position. I can see myself in this role for the next 2 years, and if the role itself does not have any further challenges for me, then I will seek your support to seek other opportunities. Meno

What a silly question!

Freedom Mobile

How do you deal with difficult people?

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First of all, let them say what is bothering or upsetting them. Then get all the information you need, and work with the person on their needs. Most of all keep calm. Meno


What is Change Management and do you have experience managing project teams.

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Yes I do have experience managing project teams and that Change management and Project Management are actually 2 different disciplines that are mutually exclusive in its own rights BUT essential for successful outcomes and then explained Change Management. Meno


describe why you are leaving your current position

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This is always a hard question to answer, Money is not the answer and never will be, but you must carefully put positive spin and never elude to being a job hopper, this is always a red flag. Meno

Prospect 33

Why did you leave your last position?

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Barclays will send you a list of their competencies and then will highlight the specific ones they will assess you with.

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Prepare a number of examples that demonstrate the competency they tell you they will be testing you on. Prepare to walk through your CV with a good narrative, linking to why you want to role. Meno

The Emirates Group

How do you plan for changes in your project timeline?

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It is imperative to look at contingencies when putting together a plan and factor in a buffer for unforeseen issues. Meno

Emerson Human Capital

A firm structure with too many prospective billable hour/client time options, all of which collectively make up a total package, none of which is guaranteed so in summary, base is low to the point of making a serious pursuit of a mid- or senior-level career unattractive. Expectations are well set about the numerous elements of the interview process. The salary/comp model (reviewed during a call) for CM consultants is extremely complex and difficult to grasp: base, travel bonuses (?? per night away), overtime bonuses 2.7% or 5% of base calculated upon a % of base, then bonus of total contract amount at 6 month intervals then at 3 month intervals. I asked general questions salary trends for the 2 jobs I was pursuing at various moments of the Comp call and these questions were met with a 'that's hard to say' though when I asked about the # of consultants at the levels I was pursuing, this was <20. Data that any company has and an HR/Comp person should possess and be open to offering a $ range.

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Steps: phone interview, salary/comp discussion, writing exercise - an essay and a statement of work within a template, writing samples, etc. Each step after approval of the last. If the role is at director level then interview process includes a presentation to a panel. Only brick and mortar is in Bay Area, CA, no other physical office locations. Upcoming company developments include an expansion of sales/biz dev and then consulting opportunities within a North, West, East and South US regional structure, versus the East, West structure in place now. Meno


What can you bring to this role.

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It was basically explaining what I already did.

Ready Logistics

I had a follow up question that was answer in a rude way... Based on my job experience and what they are looking for, I was perfect. However, based on the position, my experience was not needed from what I could tell based on the tasks listed on the description. I asked why would they want someone with my background to do this job?

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He said he can care less about my background and that is not what he is looking for. Followed up by "I didn't put that there, someone else did." I wouldn't want to work for someone that doesn't take responsibility for the hiring process of individuals that would work under him. Meno

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