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How many certifications do you hold?

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Who is the recruiter?

So, summarizing: you don't hold any certification, you are blaming a software company for being a software company and not a consulting company (i don't know whats wrong with being a software company). I think you were simply not qualified to get the post and are trying to cover it. Probably the company made a deal not to hiring you.

Come verificheresti se due stringhe sono palindrome?

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I was asked to prepare a very complex case study: it was hard but the process allowed me to understand more the company talent's solutions.

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Why do you want join us?

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What is your background?

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Are you able to work independently and organize your time?

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Short GMAT-like test, while the first round consisted in solving a business case, just like the second, however with increasing difficulty. The third round was relatively easier.

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Have you carried out a leadership role in a fast-paced environment?

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Why did you decide to pursue a master's degree in Luxury Management?

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Usi l'Iphone? Parlami delle tue esperienze passate

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