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First National Bank of Omaha
Domande per la posizione di Decision Science Analyst...20 agosto 2018

Difference between Logistic and linear regression

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Logistic Regression looks at outputting a binary choice (1 or 0, Yes or No, etc) by determining a probability or "confidence". The technique is popularly used for classification based problems (ex: Is the tumor malignant?) where the output choice is given a probability of being correct (ex: 85% likely that the answer is "yes" so output "yes"). Linear Regression has a virtually unlimited number of answers/outputs since it usually outputs a forecasted value (ex: What value will this building have in 2019?). Linear Regression outputs a likely value in a distribution of potential values. The outputs are continuous as opposed to discrete and it is often used for problems like forecasting. Meno


2 samples of gender data of births at hospitals - one large, one small. Two different gender ratios - the larger sample is is 50% and the other is 70%. Question is, why this skew?

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Reason - CLT - sampling distribution of sample means as opposed to just sample mean. Meno

Walt Disney Company

What are the assumptions of a linear regression.

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There are 4 main assumptions: 1. Linearity 2. Independence 3. Normality 4. Constant variance Meno


Background questions (tell me about you, your experience, your skills, why this position interests you etc). Tell me about the tools and methods you used for data analysis in your last role. Standard "Tell me about a time when..." questions. Why do you make this career change and what do you feel would be required for you to succeed in this role?

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Make sure you include very specific examples from your past employment history to answer the situational questions. Use STAR method. I took the initiative and showed them my project portfolio in a presentation, which they did not expect. And I think it greatly increased my chances. I also specifically mentioned that I have a letter of recommendation from my last employer to vouch for my capabilities and made sure I sent this letter to the interviewers immediately after the interview in a thank-you email. I was able to get a phone call from the recruiter on the same afternoon of the interview day, congratulating me that an offer is on the way. Meno

What do you think the organisation structure should look like so we become more agile?

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Cut the bureaucracy especially for strategic department

Weather Analytics

What can you bring to the company?

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I can help bridge the gap between sales and the data team with my skills in identification of client objectives and my skills in data analysis Meno

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What is a continuous function?

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The function f is continuous at some point c of its domain if the limit of f(x), as x approaches c through the domain of f, exists and is equal to f(c). Meno


SQL queries given a set of tables to project a value of interest.

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Used the concept of Joins on the tables given and wrote MySQL queries to give out the answer. Meno


Probability questions, case study questions

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Anything else? :)

Mu Sigma

Once you clear the Group activity you are called for a one to one HR round. Hr asks you questions on you resume the projects you have done be ready with detailed knowledge of the projects you did he can ask anything. Basic DBMS questions and a puzzle. Puzzle was like ki today is Sunday find the number of Maggie packets that are sold today.? Basic questions like how was your day and why do you want to joinA

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I answered all the questions related to my resume. I wasn't able to crack the puzzle he didn't like my approach to the puzzle. But in the they selected only 4 out of 13. I am glad that I wasn't selected because the HR team is the worst.After your rejection they make you feel worse by distributing the offer letters infront of you. They honestly don't care about people which included their own volunteers. Musigma has a bond of 3 years please don't get selected even if you are not getting job anywhere else don't join Musigma. Meno

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