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Dayton Freight
Domande per la posizione di Dock Worker...12 giugno 2017

Have you ever worked on a dock or had any lift truck experience?

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FedEx Freight

Question about situations I been in

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I answer

What kind of drug test?

DRUGS and alcohol

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Con-way Freight

what kind of experience do you have

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I have 6 years of experience


Do you know how to operate a forklift?

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Yes thats were I had start my carrer

ABF Freight

I see that you've done _______, tell me about this.

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Im looking for a new job

Im looking for a new job

YRC Freight

What is an important safety task on the forklift?

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Do proper inspection before operating the lift..check for any damages, cracks or leaks. Makes sure all controls and switches are working correctly Meno

My interview is tomorrow morning

Forward Air Solutions

be on time

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I’m ahead of time

im ahead of time

Saia LTL Freight

Can I work the required schedule?

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For the drug test, is it a her follicle or a urine drug screen?

I ensured the supervisor that I only lived ten minutes away from the job and that I had no scheduling conflicts whatsoever. I also told him that I have been working for my present employer for over three years and that I have never missed a day and that he could call my manager to verify that. Meno


Do you see yourself going back to school? With what timeline?

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I just recieved my undergrad, and I think they were worried I would just quit right away. I said I was interested in graduate school, but not for a few years, which they seemed fine with. Meno

FedEx Freight

Name an instance where you had a problem at your previous work and how did you solve it?

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Your answer will depend on your own experience. Just be truthful and don't blabber. Just get to the point and be clear. Meno


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