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Bank of the West
Domande per la posizione di ETL Architect...30 giugno 2009

Describe ETL process for last project.

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Described teh ETL process at the projects

Tokio Marine America

Nothing really. Seemed perturbed about something. I could sense something was wrong from the beginning to the end of the interview. I found out what is was, and it was a joke.

Tokio Marine America

What was the great achievement in your career?

Systems In Motion

interview went well and got offer as contractor in their client location - Richmond, VA. worked around 1 year time ..but Systems in Motion's not paid me around $18,000 dollors


Describe some of the latest features of the new version of the software.

Tokio Marine America

Do you have any Python experience?

Tokio Marine America

Asked very vague questions. Have you interviewed with so and do yet? Then asked if I had any questions. That was it.


What values will add to our Sogeti as an Architect

Tokio Marine America

Why do you want to work here?

Hexaware Technologies

Comparison and justification of other etl tools

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