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Heyman Talent Agency
Domande per la posizione di Talent - Fashion Model...1 maggio 2015

What is your experience in modeling?

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I explained my previous training and provided a portfolio to validate that training. Meno

Q Management

Career goals

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I told them the clients I wanted to work with, and my day rate.


Ford Models

Why do you want to work with us

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Because I need a job

Floridz Reelz

Had casual conversations, some of them too personal which I didn't like. They always focus that how frank and open I am in my attitude, which is irritating

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I guess I managed to convince them that i am quite confident and not a shy types girl thats why they selected me Meno

Click Model Management

what is your availability

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Dear Sir or Madam My name is Brinson Poythress And Im interested on starting on my Modeling Career I've been in studio experience, and experience on taking photoshoot from the the side and exc, and I've would love to start of by trying on Fashion wearing cloths or any type of gigs that are avaliable. For your convenience I have attached my website on my Resume for your viewing and my email address. I've really appreciate you so much for consideration and opportunity to break into Modeling and looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely Brinson Poythress Meno


AGV Sport Group

can you be a good model?

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yes i am


have you ever laughed while on the runway?

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no - composure is 100%

Why do I want to join the agency?

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My life dream to be part of a dynamic agency


Why do you want to be a model?

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Currently model

I whabt be be a model because i like to make photos and i think i have also a good attitude. Meno

Moris Talent Hunt

self introduction

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I am a young enthusiast about fashion, I love dressing up and have done a few projects before. For more visit my Instagram @nawabzadamkb and you can see me and my work Meno

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