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Domande per la posizione di Head - Software Engineering...14 novembre 2011

There is a critical deliverable that requires a key resource to work overtime and on weekends to deliver. He however does not want to stretch beyond office hours to meet the client expectations, despite being compensated handsomely for the extra effort. How will you handle this situation?

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Understand the reasons behind his denial. Identify the problem and support him with empathy. Coming back to deliverables, identify the dependency with that critical resource like his relationship with stakeholders is unique or his availability at late hour meeting, or his niche technical skills. Solutions are different for each dependency. Offer your flexibility with different options. A good professional always agrees with options that don't concern him. Long-term plan is to train your team with cross skills and make your backup plans for each crucial resource. Meno

this is silly, just dont make a blanket statement, as a leader / manager get a breakdown of the task and tell him clearly like 2 weeks working on weekend etc. For every day worked on weekend, give 2 days comp off is what i would do to motivate him, after all no one wants to work on weekends when your own managers are taking it easy. Meno

Islamic Azad University

1-Education Experiences 2-Work experiences 3-Industrial experiences

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I answer all question satisfactory.

Iam graduate in mechatronics engineering Ive work experience for 2 years


Find the most consecutively occurring character in a sequence. For instance in a pattern: xxyyyzzzaabcccc, find the most occurring.

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Pretty straightforward. Retain a global max occurring character and its count. When you see the character change create a separate counter and check the prev counter value with the global max counter. I chose to not store extra space or use a hashmap to retain the counters. Meno

first approach: s = 'xxyyyzzzaabcccc'+'' c = 1 res= ['',0] for i in range(1,len(s)): if (s[i-1]==s[i]): c=c+1 #print(c,s[i]) else: #c=1 if(c>res[1]): res[1] = c res[0] = s[i-1] c=1 #res = max(res,c) print(res) 2nd approach: s = 'xxyyyzzzaabcccc' dic = {} for i in s: if i in dic: dic[i]+=1 else: dic[i]=1 print(sorted(dic,key= dic.get,reverse= True)[0]) Meno


Design Styleseat booking system

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I started off with modeling the actors and events/behaviors (API) and incrementally building the functions. Chose RDBMS and highlighted reasons for choosing an acid system (you can argue RavenDB does the same for nosql system, but imo its still young) for booking the reservations at least. For search, used Elastic search (no brainer) and drafted the api signatures. Meno


Why is your current salary so high ?

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I believe the "CTO" you have mentioned is CTIO of Smartfren - Jagbir Singh from Reliance Jio. Commonly known as a tyrant and work bully in all companies he had been employed. Not a person with vision to lead the company. Meno

eon Dental

What would be the best way to handle supporting several running existing projects with lots of changes on them.

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I had several approaches; one would be to add some senior freelancers to the team until I scale the team. Another would be to resort to kanban instead of scrum if the rate of changes was high and unpredictable. I would say there wasn't expected to be 1 correct answer. It was more of a way to assess my thought process. Meno


How would you manage a sudden requirement of quick budget decrease.

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I would have to discuss with the entire board

Red Sift

Name one thing you do to create excellence in a team.

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We discussed the fact that teams are all different and there is no one thing that works for all. Meno


O que você gosta de fazer?

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Abri o jogo do meu momento atual e expliquei o que realmente eu gostava de fazer e queria fazer dentro do Jusbrasil Meno


Why do you want to work for a start-up?

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bureaucracy of large business is a drag

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