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What are the 2 classes you liked the most during your Undergrad, and the 2 you liked the less

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Personal based, but tried to talk about my strengths and weakness while answering

Free cash flow and different kind, multiples, DCF and the link between the 3 financial statement parts.

No particularly difficult questions. It was not a technical interview, and in general not tricky questions?

Main behavioural, talked about my previous experience, asked me brain teasers, and went through my CV. Asked me to speak Italian as we were in Italy and he was an alumni of my uni but I couldnt do that.

If you were a hedge foud, where would you invest now? Which countries? Which sectors? Bond or equity? Sovereign or companies?

Which valuation methods do you know for companies? In which cases would you apply them?

Walk through your CV and more technical questions about valuation methods

Why us. Then mainly techincal questions. How would you value a company? what is the WACC? It is better to have this or that balance sheet situation? Why? How would you present a potential company to a client that wants to buy a subsidiary in one page only? Some brain teasers. Sum of numbers from 1 to 100, solving moltiplications mentally. Some questions on reclassification of BS. Questions on recent big M&A events. Questions on current market indexes.

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