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Domande per la posizione di Male Model...19 agosto 2020

What is your biggest strength?

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Please accept my job I am from anantapur andhra pradesh ap I will work 60 year in your porn hub permanently please give me a job Meno

I am from India west bengal please sir give me 1 chance I am 50 year continuing for your company job ok Meno

I said, obviously my eyes. They didn't laugh, but the ladies did...

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Are you pretty?

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Hell yeah! Duh.


Well, Yeah. I gorgeous!

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What was the angle between the clock hands at 3:15.

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7.5 degrees

7.5 degrees

7.5 degrees

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Morgan Stanley

conditional probability questions: there is a test to test one's IQ. If your IQ is x, you will get a score between x-10 to x+10. Now someone's score is 150. What's his IQ range? Can you tell the best estimate? If not, what else condition you need?

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140-160, you need information about the score distribution and the iq distribution Meno

If the measured IQ is 150 it could have been at the bottom or top of the 'true' range: 1) If 150 is at the bottom of the range then his/her true IQ is 160 and the range is 150 to 170 2) If 150 is at the top of the range then his/her true IQ is 140 and the range is 130 to 150 Not knowing the true IQ, you would have to say the range is 130 to 170. Meno

First answer looks right, second answer doesn't make sense. If his IQ is 130, it's not possible a score of 150 was given. Meno

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Abercrombie & Fitch

What would you do if you noticed an employee stealing?

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i think yes...

report it

Know that there is an LP (loss prevention) hotline number to call.. It is anonymous and you may also be giving a reward. The key is to not ignore it, and not to handle it personally. Tell a manager or call the hotline. Meno


complete revit mep modelling of auditorium in just 45 minutes.

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time is less for such project



TGS Management Company

If you take an 8x8 cube and dip it in paint, how many of the 8^2 cubes do not have paint on them?

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there are 8^3 cubes, not 8^2.. 6^3=216

this is a question they often use for all positions.

no such thing as an "8 X 2 cube"


Parts in Revit

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sorry i dont Know

Revit architechture Revit mep Revit structures

Architecture, structure, system,insert,analyze, massing&site,callobrate,view,manage,add/ins,modify Meno

MGM Media Model Management

Give me your credit card!

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This review is inaccurate and misleading for the following reasons: - We do not directly employ models; we simply recommend models to clients and have no control over whether a model is hired or not. Our role is to assist models by referring them to clients, recommending coaches as needed, and providing advice. - It is inaccurate to suggest that the interview “was not focussed on the jobs”. The purpose of the model interview is to get to know the model and obtain details and photos which could then be sent out to clients; there are no jobs yet available to discuss in an initial interview. - It is also inaccurate to suggest that the interview is focussed on “convincing the candidate to pay more.” Candidates do not pay our business to use our services. As we do not guarantee jobs for any model there are no fees involved with our referrals. Instead, we charge a commission of 20%, which is the industry standard, on fees earned by the model for work obtained through our referrals. - It is unreasonable to suggest that the only question that would have been asked in an interview is “give me your credit card.” We do no charge candidates for our time. The allegations in this review are false and defame our business. They misleadingly convey that we exploit models in an attempt to divert potential candidates away from our business. We confirm that no such interview took place. Meno

Sara did disrespect my culture & said there was nothing interesting about my country to see or do. I was very hurt by that but decided to brush it off during the interview. I had told her about my employment status & that I was struggling with money (because she was very nosey & kept asking about my addict parents). I also mentioned that my partner usually pays for my things & she instantly took that as an opportunity to keep pressuring me to ask my partner for more than $400 to pay for a modelling class through MGM as I did not have a portfolio. When my partner said no she said I could do a payment plan of around $100 a week which even that we couldn’t afford. So the fact that you kept pushing for my partner to pay up as I wasn’t able to book the class without a payment, just goes to show that you’re a liar. How are you able to confirm a particular interview did not take place when the person who posted the review chose to remain anonymous ?? I have listed my full name & my interview with Sara was on Tuesday June 16th @ 3pm. I still have the confirmation text message that was sent to me with these details. If you can’t confirm that interview took place then obviously the person behind your answer is a liar :) Meno

Preach! No wonder why she got fired. The aspiring models always ask her for tips and recommendations, which are super helpful. As a result, MGM stops making money :) Meno

Ford Models

Is 14 too young to be a model

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No. It will help teach them resposibility.


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