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Colloqui personalità classici, colloqui con test di logica o piccoli casi simili al lavoro che andrai a svolgere

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Intendi nei test o proprio nei colloqui di persona?

Anche nei colloqui di persona

quali test ti fanno fare al colloquio orale?

how m any languages do you speak

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Can you tell us what you know about the work that FAO has developed in this area?

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Who suggested you to buy the glasses you wear? I read on your CV that you achieved some "bla bla bla" result...what was that?

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The most difficult experience was when HR told me they don't see me for the position for three reasons.

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What's your challenge in this position as you are already an experienced Account Manager?

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Tell me what leadership principles you like

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What are your management defects that you found out along your past experience?

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Which way did you apply the concepts of lean manufacturing ?

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why our revenues and our margin is declining?

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