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Domande per la posizione di Market Research Analyst...5 agosto 2022

about myself

Amazon Web Services

Describe a time when you had to look up detailed objective data live and without warning, during a meeting with a customer.


Why I wanted to be part of the program.

The Hershey Company

What are your strongest weaknesses?


Have you encountered a difficult situation and how did you solve it?

Koch Industries

The questions were based on the market research tasks and followed by an assignment of operations & efficiency with financial analysis of Amazon

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The assignment was done in fairly less amount of time allotted, and was done well as a clientele deliverable with good number of actionable insights. Meno

Expedia Group

- What are your greatest strengths? - Explain how you overcame an obstacle


The mock pitch is an attempt to throw you off and ask questions you'd have no way of knowing how to answer. You will spend days preparing (I even had two calls with a current employee to prepare), but there will be no compensation for the time spent. The case study materials are unclear and contradictory, with naming conventions of products/services not matching up with the actual names on the Numerator site, and the questions asked about pricing flexibility and ROI are meant to stump you, as there is literally no information to be found on either. Even if you totally crush the mock pitch and move to the final round, a manager who has not yet spoken to you or seen your pitch will call, ask a few Qs, and make the decision based on their impression. A TON of work, only for someone uninvolved to make the final call based on how he feels about you. You will not get a chance to ask any questions throughout the whole process. I was instructed to send a list of Qs to the final decision-maker, and put a ton of thought into it, only for him to say "I'll answer these if we decide to move forward with you." I then got the rejection email with an offer to set up a meeting to go over feedback. I responded immediately taking them up on the offer, only to be ghosted.

Giesecke & Devrient

What is one thing that you view as a weakness in yourself?

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Organization - I'd like to be better about keeping my tasks prioritized.

Atheneum Partners

Are you good at negotiating

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