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Domande per la posizione di Online Marketing Specialist - SMB's...28 febbraio 2013

Let's pretend you are sending out emails to encourage SMB's to advertise with Facebook. Each email to each SMB costs $1. After you send the emails, .5% of the SMBs sign up. How much did you pay for each person that signed up? I had to keep asking clarification questions. "How many people did I send to?" Then he said, "Let's pretend there were 1,000." Then I got the answer from there... I believe it's just a way to assess how you think and not exactly to get the correct answer.

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The person above would have been right, but s/he used the wrong number. 5% is .05. 0.5% is .005. It is $200. Regardless, still don't vote for trump. Meno

There's no need to know how many emails were sent. 200 emails for every 1 signup, and $1 for every email, means $200 for every 1 signup. Meno

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What can you can you contribute to our company to look for a competent teacher that can provide good learning system to our student......

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Look for their back ground and characteristics if they can handle student in any age.... Meno

My good working skills and flexibility... Flexible to any age group, love the work and following the teaching tools the company give. Meno


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The client has done everything you've asked but still isn't managing to obtain many customers. Now what?

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Go back to the analytics and find where there is a break in the chain. It may be that they are targeting the wrong groups of people or they have their messaging wrong. I believe the answer should be in the data. Meno

Go back to the analytics and find where there is a break in the chain. It may be that they are targeting the wrong groups of people or they have their messaging wrong. I believe the answer should be in the data and it can be found with a little investigating and observation. Meno

Increase marketing budget, review the strategy and improve implementation phase, and launch new campaign Meno

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Astoria Marketing

Did this company seem a bit "evasive" through out the process?

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Yes indeed:)



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Do you like sport?

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As I`m an active person, I answered why I love sport, what place it takes in my life and why I want to work for the company. Meno

Yes i like sport. And i want to work for the company.

Yes i like sport. And i want to work for the company.


What is your expected salary for this position

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Specialist positions are fairly junior at RIM, so yes, six figures is too high. In Canada a specialist would make between 55k and 75k at the very most. Meno

Thanks for the feedback - the recruiter never indicated it was a junior position. I have heard from ex-colleagues that RIM's payscale is lower than at my previous employers. Meno

I said six figures which was clearly waaaaaay too much because that was pretty much the end of the conversation! Meno

Wpromote, LLC

If we were to assign you a task using keynote and you had never used this application before, how would you go about completing this task?

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I suggested that I would first try to figure out using keynote on my own and if I needed I help I would not hesitate to ask questions. Meno

I would visit the Keynote Website and ask for a free trial and go through all tutorials available. If needed, I would call the company Keynote with any questions that I had relative to the Keynote software and then I would go to my supervisor with questions specific to the company. Meno

I would first seek their support on how to do it using the keynote. If that was not possible or didn't work, I will then Google it and find tutorials & videos on how to achieve these tasks. Meno


Give me 10 one word adjectives to describe you in both personal and professional settings.

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Great,good,early,young,able,own,great, same ,different,right,

Communicative, Driven, Meticulous, Persistent, flexible, goal oriented, focused, team player, accountable, organized, impactful, reliable, onetime, time manager, Meno

Communicative, Driven, Meticulous, Persistent, Flexible, Goal oriented, Focused, Team player, Accountable, Organized, Impactful, Reliable, Time manager. Meno

Groove Commerce

Can you tell me the difference between html and xml

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I did not know the answer.

XML is abbreviation for extensible Markup Language whereas HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML document rendered in a web browser is human readable. XML is aimed toward being both human and machine readable. Meno

Groove Commerce

What is a canonical url tag?

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I said that I had no idea and that I'd rather not try to BS a response. They laughed and appreciated that. Meno

. Canonical URLs relate to the concept of selecting the best URL for the web pages that the visitor Meno

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