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New Wave Entertainment
Domande per la posizione di Senior Audio Post Production Mixer...7 ottobre 2013

Why do your mixes sound better in the audio suite you mix them in...?

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Because that is what the room was designed to do...

The dimensions for the audio suite and the treatment used are made to be ideal for mixing music. When you take that mix out of the room into different rooms, any added depth/height/width to the new room causes different reverberations. Because of this, your mix will sound different and sometimes not as good as when you mixed it in your mixing suite Meno


Difference between mixing and mastering ?

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Mixing is the process in which we make sure that there isn't any clashes or abrupt clipping happening to the audio while in mastering we work on increasing the total loudness of a track and make it to use for every digital entertainment platform out there. Meno

Walt Disney Company

What is your experience dealing with deadlines?

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