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Canyon Ranch
Domande per la posizione di Program Advisor...17 aprile 2012

Tell me about a time when you received negative feedback from your manager or supervisor. How did you handle this

Marketing 360

Sales experience?

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Yes I have been in property management for 20 years. I'm burnt out and want to start a new with something fresh and fun and exciting. I maintained a 98 percent occupancy rate for 14 plus years and maintained a large waiting list. My resident retention rate was very high and I had many customers com back and return to us because of the way they were treated. I love people and I love matching the customer with just what they are looking for. Happy customers make it very worth the work. I find this part of sales the most rewarding. Happy customers. Ramona Sandersfeld Meno

I maintained a very high closing ratio on a regular basis it was over 78 percent. The time it took to turn over a unit for the new tenant set the company standards. The company standard went from 30 days to prepare a unit to 5 days to prepare the unit. Many times it was done in 1 day. My high occupancy bonuses were given if occupancy each month was over 95 percent I received a 4 percent bonus of the management fee. Which was averaging about 10,000 a year in bonuses. I also received a year end bonus if occupancy was kept high all year which averaged about $1500 per year. I was responsible for hiring and training of all new staff in northern Colorado. I would train them in everything, especially leasing and closing were my favorite part of training someone new. I was the Senior Manager for Northern Colorado for 14 plus years. With the same company. Thank you Meno


3rd Interview: "So I have a client. And based on some new regulation, his compliance department has to start putting out [insert trade resolution document here]. But the people, led by their compliance officer, don't want to intergrate this into their process. So right now the lawyers and our team are prepping them to be compliant when the rule is phased in, but how do I fix this problem:"

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"I don't know, that seems really challenging" (Was exactly what the interviewer wanted- he was making a point that soft skills and process engineering are different and in his opinion more challenging than financial modeling) Meno

Was this the question you were asked during your case interview?


The case interview questions are broad and may take some effort. E.g. our client is going to enter the business of ...what are the advantages and disadvantages?

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Try to stay poised and get your stories straightened.


How many Mexicans live in NYC

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Almost 44 lack

zero they live in new york

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Tell us about a time when you broke a rule

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Do you have any financial experience?

Valencia College

What are some of the challenges students face while in college?

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Merrill Lynch

Background questions, explain resume, talk about positions

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Straight forward have to be extremely comfortable with people

Bank of America

Describe a situation where you were faced with views or ideas different from your own, and your thought process on how to confront differences.

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I gave a personal take when I was in an organizational setting and there were ideas distinct and opposite to my own. Confronting differences with an open mind was the best answer I could give, and after the Super Day I received the offer to join as a summer analyst. Be yourself is the best advice I can give, BofA appreciates and notices the honesty. Meno

Northwestern Mutual

What are some personal and professional goals?

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I listed a couple of things I wanted to work on personally and professionally.

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