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Domande per la posizione di Project Analyst...11 agosto 2010

How many ridges around a quarter?

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119 on a quarter and 118 on a dime i looked it up :)

Make some assumptions: 1. the circumference of a quarter is ___ inches. 2. the average ridge is 0.__ inches wide. 3. do the math. Meno

Jon A. was on the right track. There are only 2 ridges which "go around" a quarter...the top ridge (heads side) and bottom ridge (tails)! Meno

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Not difficult, just weird: "If you couldn't get your car to start, what would you do 1st?"

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Determine whether there was an attempt to turn the engine or not.

Check all systems and if in a safe location open the hood.

Drive my other car or call uber. Then have my car towed to the repair shop

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J.P. Morgan

Tell me why do you want to work for J P Morgan?

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I'm sincerely interested to get opportunity to this company. Hope if I am hired.

I'm Post graduate looking forward for the role which suits me


How would you figure out how many balls could fit in a 747 Give a business presentation based on a case study and 15 mins of prep

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QUESTION: What was the skills assessment test about?

The skills test was prescriped on a computer; it covered VBA, MS Excel, MS Access, and SQL Meno

Digital River

What is your favorite word?

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I have a hard time deciding between incongruous and anti-disenfranchisement.


Wendover Art Group

How many hours a week did you work at previous employer?

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Depending on the workload between 45 and 55 hours average

Depending on the workload between 45 and 55 hours a week


All questions are formatted in a similar fashion. "Tell me about a time when you ____" Make sure to answer in the right format, hinting at things within the job description and you will have the job.

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Your World Recruitment

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

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Married to a millionaire

In the next 5 years, I see myself as a Responsible and successful person, with your company. I can show more of my ability and skills. After 5 years, I want to see myself a respectable position and I want to become a part of the success of your company. Meno


There was a question concerning a previous position on my resume. The interviewer asked why did I accept a position that was beneath me.

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I said I would never accept a position that was beneath. I bring pride, responsibility, and integrity to any position I chose to accept. Meno

Pinnacle Technologies

What do you like to do in the spare time?

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Spend time with my family

Sounds fantastic

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