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Domande per la posizione di Project Analyst...5 agosto 2022

Why Unqork What do you know about Unqork What are your future plans and what you hope to learn Tell me about a time you dealt with a teammate that was underperforming How would you communicate with a client that wasn't satisfied with your work Why is a sinkhole round? (A question that other people in tech deemed outdated and useless)

Capital Group

Do you have any questions?

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Con quien vivis Que hobby tenes Que estudiaste Cual fue tu ultimo trabajo

Visa Inc.

How to respond when there is a tough conversation between you and your peers?

American Express

Tell me about yourself Tell me about something you could improve Tell me about your profesoral achievements

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My professional career was started in 2014 from TSR job that was my 1st cold calling job i was in included in the top seller on the floor who maintain the floor target. I gradually achieved success in the different positions. As a manager i had managed a number of teams who met the target. I believe in when a team grows than a leader grows i naver tried for mu success i just pull up my team towards success. Meno

Goldman Sachs

they have most of the questions on youtube that people compiled a list


Discuss your experiences related to the position.


What do you know about Unqork?


Why do you want to work for this company?


Tell us about a time when you had conflicts between your team members and how did you handle it?

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