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Quando devono assumere un Recruiter, le agenzie di lavoro e le aziende cercano candidati con buone capacità di ascolto e di comunicazione. Preparati a rispondere a domande riguardo alla tua capacità di ascoltare un potenziale candidato. Aspettati domande sul rapporto che avevi con i responsabili precedenti, sul modo in cui interagisci con i candidati rifiutati e come gestisci i candidati che rifiutano una tua offerta.

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Domande tipiche dei colloqui per Recruiter e come rispondere

Ecco le 3 domande più frequenti nei colloqui di lavoro per Recruiter e consigli su come rispondere:

Domanda 1: Com'era il rapporto con i responsabili precedenti?

Come rispondere: Con questa domanda si vuole valutare la tua capacità di collaborare con i responsabili e sapere come consideri la relazione con loro. Rispondi che secondo te è fondamentale lavorare insieme come partner e collaborare in maniera proattiva.

Domanda 2: Come comunichi a un candidato potenziale che non ha ottenuto il lavoro?

Come rispondere: L'agenzia di lavoro vuole capire se il recruiter è in grado di gestire la comunicazione di rifiuto a un candidato sfruttando le proprie competenze trasversali. Rispondi dicendo che hai contattato il potenziale candidato per comunicargli la notizia, spiegandogli il motivo per il quale non ha ottenuto il lavoro e offrendo magari dei suggerimenti per conseguire risultati migliori nel prossimo colloquio.

Domanda 3: Come hai reagito quando un candidato qualificato ha rifiutato una tua offerta di lavoro?

Come rispondere: Di tanto in tanto capita che un candidato rifiuti l'offerta di lavoro proposta da un recruiter. Rispondi dicendo che hai contattato il candidato per capire il motivo del suo rifiuto. Se si trattava di un motivo valido, ad esempio lo stipendio troppo basso, spiega che hai contattato il responsabile delle assunzioni per tentare di contrattare uno stipendio in linea con le richieste del candidato.

Domande principali poste durante i colloqui

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Domande per la posizione di Executive Recruiter...29 settembre 2017

What are your strengths?

10 risposte

Highly motivated

Result oriented

Having been in construction since my high school days.

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Why I was looking for a new position.

10 risposte

I could exspres my abillity for diferente kinds of job because I am.very commoted to a job and I have ambition to learn . Meno

Explained that after a period of being on my own, I was looking to contribute to a great company. Meno

Looking for better options and a new beginning

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Qatar Airways

Why Qatar Airways ? Why Doha?

9 risposte

Ilove qathar and i would like to join qatar airways because safejob in qatar airways Meno

nice than ilike it

Is there anyone who gave interview on March 2019 at Mumbai Hilton hotel????

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Savard Labor & Marine Personnel

Do you have reliable transportation and a valid Driver's License?

9 risposte




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What do you do on a day to day basis?

8 risposte

Based on my routine job, First of all, I have to check out all the email and queries come to my desk. Order today's work schedule and plant for collecting regarding database and related standards. Cross check every. True points. If it's testing or documents My majority of work behaviour is Quality Control / Quality Assurance, documentation and significant understanding of the standards and Specifications, which belongs to the manufacturing criteria. Laboratory Testing, analyzing and Laboratory skills. Water Distillation Units, waste water Plants and raw water analyzing, Optical emission Spectrometers, TGA Q50, DSC and FTIR, etc, Physical Testing and Calibration measuring of Hardness, Strength, and other Disintegration testes, GC, Karl Fischer titration, Spectroscopy, and FTIR like identification test. Trained in OOS (Out of specification) investigation and preparing related documents. Maintaining records of all laboratory instruments and chemicals, according to SOP’s. Manage and deals customer s and other third party inspectors from factory inspection. Ensure health and safety of all subordinates and other Co staffs. . Responsible to handle and distributing of MTR’s (material Trial Request) and approval of GRN’s based on the tests, (goods received not) Meno

First and foremost start my day with checking my email and what are the things happens when I am not there in office I will get knowledge about that Meno

Wait and see good jobb

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JAC Recruitment

What is your current job?

7 risposte

My Current job as a DGM Supply Chain Management, In Presto Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi Dealing in IT, Telecom Sector Meno

My current job DGM SCM

I'm an engineer manager

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Little Ones UK

Why recruitment

6 risposte

Happyness is serving outhers and loving each outher

That’s is not helping that’s is serving our feelings each outher

I Want searching similar job

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BJ's Restaurants

Tell them about my background.

6 risposte

I've been an server for 10 yrs very happy.

Was train back in 2000 to 2006 at seelbach work hard I'm age 59, still doing Banque at hotels and washes dish difference places like anthem, and ups head quarter. I'also ride city bus. Meno


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Why are you interested in this position?

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I want to grab this position opportunity base on my qualification knowledge and experienced as a Graduated of Diesel engine mechanic, with experienced in Saudi Arabia as assistant heavy equipment mechanic for the future of my family. Meno

I want to improve , refresh, and increase my knowledge as mechanic with different type of machineries Meno

I want to discover some mechanic job strategies about the latest mechanisms of modern machineries Meno

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Ciel HR

Tell me about yourself Your work experience

5 risposte

2 years 6 months

I am working at industrial Automation field disignation : jr. Project Engineer, role : control panel & plc panel design, vfd service and commissioning, panel commissioning, plc hmi scada, troble shooting Meno

2 years 6months

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