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Domande per la posizione di Replenishment Associate...4 ottobre 2015

If a customer came in with a box full of photos and wanted to make a scrapbook but had no idea where to begin what would you do?

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I would first assist the situation by asking questions that would help better understand the customers desires. Ask if there was any inspiration they wanted to work from. Meno

Walk them over the scrapbooking aisles, show them basic products and layouts. Let them know that Michael's has papercrafting classes. Meno

What color theme did they want and did they want borders around the out side of it. Meno


What does customer service mean to you?

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Doing what's right for a customer, giving them honest answers.

Having a customer walk out of the store with a purchase and being happy about it. We want to get them the best deals while motivating the customer to become a lifelong regular. Meno


Basic stuff. Can you handle doing....

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Yes, sir/mam.


Give an example of when you’ve received good customer service.

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Whene you are nice and kindly your get everything from customer service

From positive experience


What do you tell a customer that brings back an item to exchange for a different kind, say a brand of milk that we don't sell at our store, but the competitor down the road, where they more than likely originally purchased it from does?

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I disagree. I think there is nothing wrong with (politely) pointing out the customer's error and suggest they take it back to the appropriate outlet. Otherwise, where does this kind of behavior end--and what does Publix do with all the competitor products hanging around the store? I mean, you can't just re-sell it... Meno

I answered this question wrong by saying "tell them sorry but this isn't a product we carry". You need to please the customer, apologize that there unsatisfied, and to go get the product that they want and we can swap it out for them. The customer could have made an honest mistake, never argue with the customer. Meno

Bed Bath & Beyond

An item cost 4 dollars each. You need to return a profit of 1 million dollars. Each item sells for 6 dollars. How many items must you sell to receive that profit.

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If you cannot answer this question through basic algebra you should not be applying for a job like this. Meno

hmmm...lets have a $2 margin on each product, and you need to make $1M profit, so .... $1M/$2 = 500,000 units. Simple. Meno


Describe a time I had a good shopping experience.

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The fat sales at Michaels

Actually it was at this store! I had some items on sale and some weren't, but the cashier showed me on my smartphone that there was a 25% off entire purchase coupon! They were really friendly, and got me interested in working here. (Something like that. Maybe go to an actual Michaels to get a positive story.) Meno

Friedmans Home Improvement

How well do you learn?

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I am best in my university


Have you ever had to give feedback to a colleague?

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Can you tell us about yourself?

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What would you like to know

Mention hobbies that pertain to arts&crafts, and liking to talk to people.

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