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Un Responsabile risorse umane deve essere dotato di capacità trasversali, di risoluzione dei conflitti e amministrative. I Responsabili risorse umane assumono i nuovi dipendenti e colmano il divario tra dipendenti e amministrazione. Preparati a rispondere a domande sul modo in cui stabilisci l'idoneità di un potenziale candidato e su come gestisci un dipendente contrariato.

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Domande tipiche dei colloqui per Responsabile risorse umane e come rispondere

Ecco le 3 domande più frequenti nei colloqui di lavoro per Responsabile risorse umane e consigli su come rispondere:

Domanda 1: Perché hai deciso di candidarti presso la nostra azienda?

Come rispondere: L'agenzia di lavoro vuole capire se hai un interesse specifico per la loro azienda o se stai cercando in generale una posizione di Responsabile risorse umane. Rispondi confermando che hai fatto le dovute ricerche sull'azienda e ti sei trovato in linea con i suoi valori.

Domanda 2: Qual è la tua idea di luogo di lavoro positivo?

Come rispondere: I datori di lavoro vogliono stabilire se sei in linea con la cultura aziendale. Accenna al fatto che ti piace lavorare in team ma che sei anche capace di lavorare in autonomia quando è necessario. Apprezzi i luoghi di lavoro in cui la comunicazione nel team è eccellente e in cui la dirigenza valorizza il contributo della tua professionalità in qualità di Responsabile risorse umane.

Domanda 3: Come hai gestito una situazione difficile con un dipendente e/o la dirigenza?

Come rispondere: Le agenzie di lavoro vogliono valutare le tue capacità di gestione dei conflitti in qualità di Responsabile risorse umane. È una buona occasione per utilizzare il metodo STAR:
S - Situazione: Chi, cosa e perché?
T - Compito: Quale era l’incarico che ha generato la situazione in questione?
A - Azione: Quali azioni hai intrapreso per mantenere la situazione sotto controllo?
R - Risultato: Come si è conclusa la situazione?

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Pakistan Army
Domande per la posizione di Senior Human Resources Manager...3 maggio 2019

What would you do if you are given 100,000 dollars?

17 risposte

I'll give this money to my father because he is currently jobless

i will donate these money for hospital in my village because there is one hospital with no facilities for 8 to 10 thousand people Meno

I will use it first and then donate the rest of money to needy one

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Sarthee Consultancy

what is recruitment

6 risposte

Recruitment refers to the overall process of identifying, attracting, screening, shortlisting, and interviewing, suitable candidates for jobs within an organization. Recruitment can also refer to processes involved in choosing individuals for unpaid roles. Meno

Recruitment refers to the process of identifying, attracting, interviewing, selecting, hiring and onboarding employees. Meno

Recruitment a procedure to select a candidate who can suitable for the job and do well our company get the chance to work with him Meno

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Give me 48 cents using 6 coins. Tell me quantity and value of the 6 coins.

5 risposte

To no waste time I would give them 5 dimes and tell them to keep the change. Because when hiring me they would always get more than asked Meno

1quarter, 2dimes, 3 pennies

1 quarter, 2 dimes, 3 penny's = 48 cents

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Alpha Silicon

Where do you see yourself in five years?

5 risposte

I answered that i am not quite sure what the future holds, but that i see this experience playing an important role in helping you make that decision. Meno

Changing myself because i work hard to achieve my goals

I want to reach my goal after 5 years

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Cantex Continuing Care Network

Tell me about a stressful situation.

4 risposte

Working in the hospital with the current situation with the coronavirus 19, needless to say it’s been stressful situations. However this is been a learning situation that is beneficial for future events. Meno


Personally I have been furloughed from my job and been off for a few months having to cope with the events and financially. Has been a challenge and a blessing to see how family can stick together for solutions. Challenges that come has arise finding solutions at again has been challenging. Meno

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Why are manhole covers round?

4 risposte

They are round so that they cannot fall through the hole, a square cover would fall through if placed on the right angle Meno

This question has an answer the interviewer *wants* to hear, and a *real* answer. The answers above come close to what the interviewer wants to hear, but the real answer is not nearly as pleasant... Microsoft should know better... the manhole covers at its Redmond site aren't even round! They are rectangular with curved corners. No trained individual would ever roll a manhole cover. They weigh a great deal and would pose a threat of injury if they were to fall on a hand or foot. Manhole covers are removed by use of a metal pole with a hook. They are slid or dragged where they need to go. In addition, there are numerous polygonal shapes that will not fall in on their own perimeter. And if you wanted to be absolutely certain a cover won't fall in a hole, you would just make every dimension of the cover larger than the largest dimension of the hole. (In fact, all covers today are larger than the holes they protect... even the circles.) The best , correct, answer as to why any given manhole cover is round is because the pipe which it caps is round. In fact, most manhole pipes have an inset lip forcing the cover to be round to fit within a circular projection. When you see curved rectangular covers, it is because the opening is a curved-corner rectangle. Again, this shape has a lip and a protrusion on the edges to hold it in place. Manhole covers are designed to fit the concrete, masonry, or metal cavities they are created to protect. This is the only true answer. Now, if the interviewer wanted to ask why the manhole pipes were round, that would be an entirely different question. I leave the research about Roman Aqueducts to the reader. Meno

Nope. Covers are round because the hole is round. If the question was "why are manholes round", then one possible answer is "so the cover cannot fall through". There are other shapes that support this scenario BTW. Meno

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Gilbane Building Company

What past experience makes you a fit for this role?

4 risposte

Im a team player I like to get my job done rite that's what I look at first and then get it done where everyone likes the work do my work at a steady pase Meno

I worked for scdot for 3 yrs and used a lot of epuitment I do anything that needs to be done if I don't know how to do something I'm a fast learner Meno

I worked for scdot I have my cdls I can do it if I'm it I will catch on fast

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Shoppers Stop

Tell us something about yourself..why this job role...strengths and weakness, educational background..etc

4 risposte

Be Honest. One of the most important things to get right when talking about your strengths and weaknesses in an interview setting is honesty & e my work experience Meno

my educationmsw human resources

Weakness my speaking English in fluent

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First Transit

FMLA, ADA, Title VII, Union experience, policy and advising, customer service, professionalism, travel to sites and locations.

3 risposte

As per Richard Gonzalez "Spot on", " You knocked it out of the park", " I'm satisfied with the answers you provided". Meno

Richard Gonzalez the Site Manager and Joe Pollock, the Field HR Manager are Shady! I went to an interview with these 2 jokers and the interview went well till pay was discussed. They wanted me to take an Field HR Manager role for 15 to 17 an hour. i told them I made more than that in my current role. Joe Pollock said to me and Richard Gonzalez agreed, that "because I didn't build it" meaning because I didn't build the site with recruiting, staffing, organize the file, that the role would be more like an HR Clerk?......I applied for an Field HR Manager role, I received email confirmation that the interview was for an Field HR Manager role, and yet these people did a bait and switch on me? Later in the interview both Richard and Joe, had the nerve, to say "don't think that the pay is a step back, think of the future opportunities, business is growing and new accounts are being gained". To which Joe Pollock, said "yea, Orlando Field HR Manager, pays 60 to 70k"... Are you serious? Are you kidding me?! That was the salary I expected from the job I was interviewing for, not being scammed to take an HR Clerk job, with the responsibilities on the job description for the Field HR Manager role. In the interview I asked the number and what was the demographics of the employees? Joe Pollock said near 100 and the majority are "Caribbean" people. To which he added they are suspicious of management and like to test the boundaries as all drivers are union backed. interesting assessment Mr. Joe Pollock. To conclude, these jokers, Richard Gonzalez and Joe Pollock are bad news. They think they can hire some misinformed person for jobs at their location. They offered me $15- $17 an hour for the Field HR Manager role. The average of 15-17 is $16 $16x2080(work hours in year)= $33,280 a year Remember he said the same job in Orlando paid $60 to $70 a year. The average is $65,000 a year. $65,000/2080= $31.20 an hour. $31.25/2= $15.62... As you can see they wanted to hire an HR Field Manager at almost 50% the salary. These people wanted to save money with salary to probably pay for another position, such as a driver or maybe a bonus for them in being under budget for payroll. Who know , but who ever reads this, I hope you take into consideration that these asshat jokers are scamming people! Don't waste you time here! Meno

Thank for writing this review. I saw the job ad and I was looking to apply but with your detailed account of what you experienced, I decided I should not waste my time. Meno


Rather than asking me to answer questions about my experience and knowledge, I was asked a lot of "what if" and "How would you..." questions. I had a hard time answering as some scenarios seemed so esoteric.

3 risposte

I like Amanda's comment. It's certainly the answer I could laugh about but I'm not sure that it would get me anywhere in the interview. Meno

I made my best guess of how to deal with something given the limited amount of information I had. Meno

Politely let them know that you have been through scenario questions before and if they want answers to those questions you will be happy to do so but you need to charge a consulting fee. Meno

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