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Burger King
Domande per la posizione di Assistant Restaurant Manager...30 ottobre 2014

"How can you as a team member increase sales a Burger King?"

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Up-sell. Customer service and hospitality is key! Happy customers keep coming back. Meno

I'm great with people even people that's having a bad day. I can make people day better with a smile or just talking with them. Am a hard worker, I'm always on time when coming to work, I work overtime if we short of team worker or need help cleaning at closing time. Meno

Up-sell to guests. For example, ask if they would like cheese and bacon, a fry and a drink, desert, etc. Meno

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MH Alshaya

tel me about your self and experience ?

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it was normal answer by my side, as its from my current and past experience job profile . Meno

10year experience

experience excellent

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What would I do if I knew another manager was stealing?

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Integrity is one of the RMH pride, I will do the right thing

Go above

Report the manger to who ever is in charge

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How many employees did you manage in your last position.

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I manage over 25 employees


I just wants to let you know if I get my interview anytime. I’ll likes to say that I’m HardofHearing and plus will be able to have a interpreter there. Meno

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MH Alshaya

did u know about P & L

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P & L is a calculation of profit and Loss of the business in certain period of time or in certain area, which has to calculated with the whole expenses spend on the company includes staff payroll and facilities and the sales of the product. Meno

Profits and loss, we calculate all the restaurant costs and expenses monthly including staff salaries versus the revenue which gives us the real rank of profit or loss money wise Meno

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What Drives me in a managerial role

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I spoke about my passion for a hard days work, why I love the restaurant industry Meno

My experience, my knowledge of laundry, commitment towards my work, working in high pressure, focus, hard work, leadership qualities and following company policies and procedures. Meno

Employee and company centric, good knowledge of all laundry chemicals and machines, good communication, excel and power point presentation, dealing with different types of people, making budget for laundry. Meno

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The Cosmopolitan

What do you want to be when you grow up.

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Wait.... They asked an adult this?

I'd like to be a resort owner, build businesses, be a CEO and become a philanthropist Meno

I have no idea!

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Chili's Grill and Bar

Tell me about your strongest asset and tell me how it is also a weakness.

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My strong asset is that I’m very friendly a great customer service and I love to laugh . By not forcing and not paying attention to every details Meno

My strong asset is hones.. My weakness always work hard and enjoy my duties

Strongest asset that is also my weakness is that being in the food industry for 20 years I have become very intuitive of my job details and duties as if I can perform in my sleep and it becomes my weakness when I am unable to progress in and with my knowledge meaning I’ve had a few Management become intimidated by my job performance and ability to do better than them Meno

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd

How well do you work in a team enviroment?

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I get along quite well with the team. I work very hard at the task at hand and try to see if anyone needs my help and I feel good about myself taking the lead and to motivate people in getting the job well done. Meno

I love working anyone.. So.. I will do my best to help each other.. So we cuold work smooth and easy.. Meno

I work well in a team, i know how to listeand communicate. I love hearing others opinions on how to handle situations best. Meno

Islands Restaurants

Past experience

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I explained what I have done and where I want to go in my future

I like your company job

I am before job is sri lankan army .now pensioner.i am old is 46 year.

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