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Domande per la posizione di Transaction Risk Investigator...16 settembre 2015

How did you solve the problem with a customer whose product has not delivered on the expected date which he has ordered for his friend's b'day?

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50% cash back in his Amazon wallet. That way that 50% money that he got has to be spent on Amazon itself and Amazon just sold two items instead of one. Meno

By giving him a consolation gift which would include specialised wishes from amazon. Meno

If possible through amazon policy, we can extend the no. of replacement days that is normally 10 to the days the product got delay +10 or we can provide same day/ next day delivery option free of cost on his next purchase. Meno

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How do you get a plastic ball out of a cup without touching the cup.

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Fill it with water until it overflows... :)

Fill it with mercury until it overflows...

Using telepathy, push the cup over.

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Goldman Sachs

Brain Teaser: A snail goes up 3 feet during the day and falls 1 foot at night. How long does it take him to go up 10 feet?

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It doesn't say how long does it take him to make it ten feet up the wall. It just says, how long does it take for him to move up ten feet. That's 3 1/3 days (assuming equal movement throughout the day). Although he will have moved "up" ten feet, he will have also fallen back and will not be ten feet up the wall. Of course, you can also interpret it as the other answers suggest. Meno

4 days and 16 hours 16 hours because by the end of the 4th day, it is 8 feet up on the wall and only needs to climb up 2 feet. Well, assuming that the snail travels 3 feets uniformly throughout the day, then it needs to travel an additional (2/3)*24 = 16 hours for it to climb up that extra 2 feet for it to be at the height of 10 feet. Meno

4 days and 8 hours, assuming the day is 12 hours long and the night is 12 hours long. Almost agree with the >4 days answer above, however not quite agree with the (2/3)*24=16 hours part. The snail climbs 3 feet in the day, which would definitely be shorter than 24 hours. If we assume the day means 24/2=12 hours. on the 5th day, the snail took 2/3*12=8 hours to reach 10 feet. So that would be 4 days and 8 hours, assuming the day is 12 hours long and the night is 12 hours long. Meno

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Tell me about a time where you negotiated with someone.

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By using samples and Guarantee trust I’ve not only secured clients but also maintained their loyalty by providing extra than what others provide. Meno

I’m always Negotiating especially in down town markets on how to get the best quality at the best fair price possible. From Clothing , to fair banks accounts, Service provider prices that are in the best interest to all the parties involved yes I want the best price but that price should also be favorable for the client in terms of value gained Meno

During my josh school final year break I negotiated with the manager at Tastebuds a fast food spot in Ntinda for a job and salary I got the job and I was paid well At least according to what I was willing to take back then Meno

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J.P. Morgan

What is the angle between the minute and hour hand of a standard clock if the time is currently 3:15

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yup... Meno

yup... Meno

Acute angle

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WHAT IS YOUR AGE??? - A totally prohibited ground in HR context.

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Look at the question: "What is your age?" That's different from "How old are you?" Answer accordingly. Meno

I was asked this question by the CEO of a company during my telephonic interview. Even though I didn't ask, told me his age. That just seemed weird and not very professional. This wasn't Deloitte. Meno

So many ways to find this information - in a, sort of, sneaky way. Has no-one noticed that now you not only being asked for your degrees but what year you obtained them - easy enough to extrapolate in the majority of cases... Meno

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Tell me the different ways that you can calculate VaR (Value at Risk).

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Typically there are 3 ways in the industry to calculate VaR: 1. Historical (by far the most common, IME) 2. Parametric (not very useful, as returns tend to not be normal, unless you use EVT) 3. Monte Carlo (more often used in fixed income and other credit/debt portfolios than other asset classes) Meno

I think I said Monte Carlo, delta, gamma and Black-Scholes.

Goldman Sachs

gambling question, whether it makes sense to gamble, if the chances are very small. Calculate the odds someone will take the grand prize if one million people goes, and odds are 1 in 1 million for each entry.

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Odds are: 0.3678792572210609 that no one wins, i.e. 0.632120742778939 that someone wins. The number e is not related to this problem; it is the limit of (1+1/n)^n. Here we have odds of (1-1/n)^n that no one wins. Meno

poisson as limiting cxase if binomial distribut5ion. Large number of trials with small prob. Thus Lambda = 1. find prob n = 0 in poisson with lambda = 1 = 1-1/e. Meno

1/e = 0.3 1/1000000 is very small, so actual odd approaches the limiting case of 1/e. Meno

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What does the risk team do? Name 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses you have. Name some interests and how you pursue them.

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hey have you had a reply after the personality questionnaire yet?

no, they said i had passed the video interview stage but nothing after the personality questionnaire. I think they might be just arranging assessment centres because on the interview stage they said the next stage is assessment centre? Meno

Yeah, good point. Don't suppose you've heard anything yet have you? No one I know seems to have done Meno

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Goldman Sachs

what is BL model?

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what is hull's book?

what is hull's book?

this is a tec. question. read Hull's book and heard on the street more.

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