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How many certifications do you hold?

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Who is the recruiter?

So, summarizing: you don't hold any certification, you are blaming a software company for being a software company and not a consulting company (i don't know whats wrong with being a software company). I think you were simply not qualified to get the post and are trying to cover it. Probably the company made a deal not to hiring you.

Quali difficoltà hai incontrato nel progetto. Cosa gestiresti in un cambiamento organizzativo e quali strumenti ti servirebbero.

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Why do you want to work at Deloitte, what are your expectations about the interview, generic questions about current and past work experience and academic background

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How would you sell a project like A to a client B ?

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1) Why do you want to work in Salesforce? 2) What are the reasons that take you to change company and join Salesforce? 3)What's your professional background? 4)How do you define the cloud? 5) What's the value you can bring on Salesforce? 6) What was your previous carrier experience where you have solved a complex project issue through an innovative and pragmatic solution?

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Can you estimate the number of commuters reaching Milan everyday? What are the main revenue streams of a commercial bank? and what are the main threats?

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Q: Tell more something more about your career path

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Local Technical Team: general question about ecommerce integration problem related to payment method

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how many hours are you available for work?

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unexpected personality test, but successfully passed

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