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- Tell me when you had to deal with a huge amount of information -Tell me when you solved a very hard problem with analysis - Tell me when you disagreed with your manager/supervisor - If I spoke about you with one of your ex-peers, what are the two weaknesses he would point out? How can he notice them? (Make sure you talk about how you work on your weaknesses!!) - Strengths and weaknesses - Tell me what you understood about the area manager role + tell me what are the skills you need to have in order to succeed + among the ones you said, what are those skills you feel you are good at and which are those you don't feel great at (make sure you talk about how you are working on those you don't feel exceptional at!!) - More questions that are very general like why amazon, why you, your background, blablabla

Q: Tell me about one time you had problems with your teammates

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