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I wasn't asked any technical question during the whole time. Be prepared to answer psychologic questions like "are you an artistic or scientific person?"

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Probably there isn't ONE correct answer for any of the questions I was asked...

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I have been presented two different scenarios and I had to discuss the possible approach to the solution. I Have also been asked to give my personal opinion over a two programming language comparison.

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Regarding the metropolitan station: Typically, why the station entrances are lower than the exit ones?

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What is your dream job?

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What kind of member function is this?

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Is HTTP stateless or stateful? How do websites keep track of the users if the connection is stateless? Talk about cookies.

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Write an algorithm to determine if a string of parentheses is balanced

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How would you design a vending machine as per OOP standards?

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How would you solve a matrix in python?

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Posso estendere due classi abstract?

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