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Sledgehammer Games
Domande per la posizione di Sound Designer...13 gennaio 2021

I did not get one single question prior to submitting my test

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I had a quick conversation with the audio director where he told me what they were looking for in the test. Meno

Hessischer Rundfunk

Was würden Sie konkret verändern?

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Ohne nähere Informationen ist das nicht zu beantworten

Schell Games

Are you willing to relocate?

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I am willing to discuss the prospect of relocation, however I would prefer to stay where I am due to the remote-ok status on the role at the time of applying. Meno

Electronic Arts

How would you do a spaceship that explodes

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What's your pipeline when you do sound design


Why do you want to work for CD Projekt Red?

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Because it benefits my career. I intend to make my resume and portfolio better and that only happens by making a great product, so it is a win win situation for us, since you will know that this is my goal and I get what I want to move my career forward. Meno

Blizzard Entertainment

Are you okay working on an Iphone game?

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How do you handle deadlines and how do you determine which task is the most important?

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They want to know are can be reliable and counted-on when the deadline come down. They want you to make you best stuff, but also be real and determine what needs to get done. Meno


How would you re-create this linear designed sound in-engine.

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I would break down the sound into its various components and create different assets for each one. That would allow us to create more variation in the sound in-engine, and also give us the flexibility to adjust sounds in real time according to what is happening in game. Meno

Digital Extremes

if there was no music in it, just sound design. How would you design and mix the audio for it?

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Demonstrated through a practicle demo submission.

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