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Capital One
Domande per la posizione di Statistical Model Operation...19 maggio 2013

why did you choose factor model? PS: since this is a school project, it is the project requirement that we must use factor model.

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Factor model is better at explaining risky asset's return than CAPM.

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Run me through a time where you used statistical methodologies.

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Group project

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They give you a take-home question based on the nyc-13 dataset r package. Your job is to predict which flights will be late (binary classification problem) . There is a heavy focus on creating new variables and giving an effective 20 minute presentation to a technical group of people.

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The company uses XGBoost and logistic regression models, so it is wise to use these to answer the nyc-13 classification question. Meno


how to predict customers intend to leave us cellular

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look at past data and find pattern


Just be sure to know your resume


Describe in detail an analytical project you worked on.

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Describe a time you helped develop a statistical model at work or on a school project.


Machine Learning Concepts, Puzzles etc.


What has been your most difficult class in school, and why?

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"What was your most difficult work experience - it doesn't have to be being fired or anything, but something similar to that?"

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