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Publicis Groupe
Domande per la posizione di Strategic Planner...14 dicembre 2020

State one of Publicis Comm India's best works, How will you add value to our organization, what do you think of long working hours

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best to abilities


Tell us about this position on your resume

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I did this, this is what it taught me.


How do you feel about being an ombudsman who protects the client's interests, not just a consultant providing services?

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That is something I already do.

Intel Corporation

Explain how my past experience was relevant to this position?

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We all learn from experience, therefore we know how and what to do.

Kenyatta National Hospital

What's the difference between financial management and fa

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I didn't remember so i passsed

Brisbane Catholic Education

What process would you use to identify and acquire land for development as a school?

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I would first sit down with the section manager to understand the internal acquisitions process, budget constraints, and any limiting factors on potential properties. I would then research area demographics with a view to determining suitable areas and determine land costs in these areas. I would then research suitable properties within the area and approach owners with a view to making an offer to purchase their land. Meno


What is your dream job?

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I said I would like to do something related to helping people (or brands) develop an authentic narrative, i.e. related to a product or the company story in general. In hindsight, I feel the answer was rather vague. In fact, I could already think of a more concrete answer, but I suppose giving a sense of the big picture was also fine. Meno


What in your opinion are the big changes impacting Marketing

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Clarified specifically which if any area, then spoke about at a Macro level the technology advances and how these were translating into companies knowing their customer and responding to their needs i.e. data driven marketing Meno


How would you handle difficult personalities when consulting with teams?

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I would use enough data points to prove the base of my argument, viewing the recommendation from multiple angles. Then I would walk through the potential business impact and show them why my recommendation is sound. Meno

Leonie Industries

Mostly they asked about my experience in the industry.

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I gave them a chronological list of major contributions to the industry.

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