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Domande per la posizione di Lead Audio Video Technician...12 marzo 2016

Can you build racks?

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Very well, I have pictures to prove it.

I'm certain the erecting of racks proprietary or not are backed with a proven system and process. Or if in fact rack construction that may be floored or need an adjustment has now been identified and I could work to identify and resolve any deficiencythat will manipulate the current process or processes to prove productive and your ultimate goal being sustainable Meno

All the racks proprietary to our firm whereas the manipulation of the processes would be beneficial for a team brainstorm identifying all possibilities Meno

The Cosmopolitan

Tell us one secret about you that no one else knows?

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Love 80’s synth music.

Northern Kentucky University

I was asked about my media experience

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that I had little professional experience but a passion for it

London Drugs

my weakness and strength

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by being brutally honest

Fry's Electronics

Name some of the top TV manufacturers.

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Sony, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Vizio

Brigham Young University (BYU)

Are you familiar with Final Cut Pro 7?

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No, I'm more familiar with final cut pro 10 and premier pro, but I'm sure I can learn quick. Meno

Mobile Technologies, Inc

They verified my abilities and asked me some technical questions, nothing too hard in my opinion.

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I answered honestly because I did not know what they were going to ask, just be yourself. Meno


Did I know who Saint Gobain are

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Levi Strauss

Hiring manager was very specific about how to fix a variety of problems with Lync / Skype for Business -- how do you fix call dropouts, audio & video out of sync, dropped calls, etc?

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I offered the standard options, namely: - get rid of Skype for Business b/c it's garbage, go for Zoom. (I didn't call it garbage, but everyone knows it is -- probably even Microsoft.) - VLAN everything that's video conf related. - Intently monitor available bandwidth, deploy QOS. - Never setup video conferencing on Wifi. Apparently the answer was all of that, minus the Zoom and the Wifi. Hiring manager thought QOS over Wifi was a good fix for using Wifi for video conferencing -- but it's not, unless the Wifi Network only is for video conferencing devices. Meno

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