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what would you do if you just inherit a pizzaria from your uncle


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If I just inherited a pizzaria from my uncle then I wouldn't be interviewing for another job right now but keeping the business alive till I could find someone to take over for me since that isn't what I want to do for a living

Foremore su


Sell it to someone who loves pizza !

MG su


Well, if it's in New York City, it has the potential to take in up to $70,000 (maybe more) a week in revenue. I've seen pizza shops that have non-stop customers from the time they open, until they close, usually buying a plain slice for $2.00 - $2.50, and with 1 topping, $3.00 - $3.50. My associate and I were guessing that, of course, in the right location, they could sell up to 4,000 slices in a day. With an average price of $2.50, that's $10,000 a day.

Henri su


Furry, why would you kiss up to your aunt? You would be the owner of the pizza shop, because YOU inherited it from him. Your aunt doesn't have anything to do with it.

Henri su


I'd change the name to Whole Gourmet Pizzette, half the size of the pizzas, double their price and sit in the corner playing on my Ipad so everyone can see how cool I am.

Maximus su



obvious su


Give away pizza until I go belly up, ask fed for $100 million bailout!

nb su


get pizzed

ebriated su


That would be very surprising as my only blood uncle died when I was 8 and my parent's sisters-except for one all have kids, and I'm not sure she and her partner are actually married so therefore not sure he is my uncle.

Martha su


First I would Check out if there were any leans on the property, if the establishment /corporation owed any back taxes for employee state federal or realealestate etc. Get a thumbs up from the goodfell's. & than if all was good, research the area to consider upgrading to a brick oven / fire stove etc. & Get a great Cook if Appro.................... ...........................

Suzanne su


obviously we have the tailor the answer to the company. Volkswagen has a very long history of operations, so it definitely carries some cultures and traditions. I can see a resemblance to "uncle's pizzeria", therefore although it is tempting for me to sell it and turn a profit, I will observe the traditions and cultures of the pizzeria and the societal impact on the local community shutting down the business. Always align the answers to the company's mission and values : )

Mike su


"the same thing i do everyday. try to take over control of the world"

pinky and the brain su


I'd figure out just who in the world he is because my uncle doesn't own a pizzaria... or a pizzeria for that matter.

Scott su


Start kissing up to my aunt more.

Furry su

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