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Parigi (Francia)
201 - 500 dipendenti
Azienda - Settore privato
€ 25 - € 50 milioni (EUR) all'anno


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  • "Back Market is an adventure"

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    Dipendente attuale - Account Manager a Brooklyn, NY (Stati Uniti d'America)
    Dipendente attuale - Account Manager a Brooklyn, NY (Stati Uniti d'America)
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    At Back Market, I sometimes wonder whether or not I'm working or genuinely doing things that I enjoy. Since day one at BM, it has been such an accelerated and wonderful adventure. You learn fast, find solutions to problems every minute of every day, and do more things in a NY minute than you would ever expect to do -- all with the tools you need and without compromising your focus and the integrity of your work. You learn nearly everything here: how to create better processes, streamline workflows, extrapolate data to form case studies for potential new features, French slang, French mannerisms, and most importantly, how to have fun.

    The team is teeming with talent, enthusiasm, initiative, and resourcefulness. To describe the energy of the team: it's a combo of that gritty New York work ethic and that super cool and super laid-back French vibe. Not to mention the absolutely fabulous culture of Back Market (and I never use the word fabulous -- ever).

    Through Covid, it has been essential for the Back Market family to stay connected without jeopardizing our work-life balances. No one on Earth expected such an unprecedented and unfortunate series of events through last summer, but let me tell you, I didn't sense disruption in the slightest bit in my life or daily routine. The Back Market family was extremely supportive and enabling throughout the crisis, always providing resources, tips, advice, guidance, and encouragement to teammates.

    The thing about working at Back Market is that it's not a job, it's an experience -- an experience that helps put you in the direction you want to be career-wise. The brand mission, core values, and philosophy are the most progressive I've ever seen in any company, and way more genuine than companies who claim to "make the world a better place" but don't seem to put their money where their mouths are.

    In a nutshell: Back Market is super cool and I love being here.

    Refurb Revolution for the win.


    none, but it's still impossible for me to say 'squirrel' in French

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    long-term WFH plans?

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Come ottenere un colloquio





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    1st round with HR through a phone call, very quick around 15 minutes
    2nd round with the department manager with a case study
    3rd with the Head of the Sales

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    • Back Market's business model
      Why Back Market
      Behavior questions (how do you deal with....)   Risposta Domanda
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  • Tech4Good Award, Vivatechnology, 2019
  • Espoir de la Fevad, Fevad, 2018
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