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Mumbai (India)
51 - 200 dipendenti
Azienda - Settore privato
Pubblicità e marketing
€ 1 - € 5 milioni (EUR) all'anno


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    "Sr. Manager - Business Development/Account Director or any Mid-Senior Management!!"

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    Ex dipendente - Senior Business Development Manager a Mumbai (India)
    Ex dipendente - Senior Business Development Manager a Mumbai (India)
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    Ho lavorato a tempo pieno presso Fulcro Consulting (Meno di un anno)


    Young & Smart crowd who is willing to take the leap and learn new things, fooled into joining this company for a stupid annual party that happens at the same location in Alibaug every year.

    This place might be good for those who are freshers or someone who needs to find a job after their internship.


    Major issues:
    - This place is not for experienced folks or people who have experience working in MNCs or top notch companies.
    - There is no HR here, an external agency manages it for them(which is a bit manipulative), probably because they think HR is not a vital function for a company, you can figure further things out. ;)
    - Average tenure of a person is around 6-7 months, you will know this by asking people or if you joining during the annual retreat.
    - The Technological Head, who sits in Delhi has some serious ego issues, poor people management and obsolete technical knowledge, will try to screw you from start (you will not understand why??), sad part is that the CEO supports this behavior so you cant really do much about this.
    - If you are earning between 18-20L or 20-25L bracket, this company cannot afford you, although they will give you the package to fire you within a month, this way you will be left with no job for a few months as it is difficult in these tough times to land a job with the desire salary. (I am one of the lucky few who did find one :))

    Minor stupid things you will observe once you join:
    - You will be asked to generate business from day 1, no orientation whatsoever about the product they sell or the success stories they have created.
    - You will be marked a half day if you reach after 10.30 (This half day will be deducted from your leaves, so you dont get to know this in the initial few months but later when you realise you dont have any leaves left)
    - The admin clicks pictures of employees who spend time on something that is not WORK and shares it with the CEO.

    Consigli per i dirigenti

    No advise, I just figured why the company is still small even after so many years and probably why you underwent a name change. Keep up what you doing and soon you ll see wonders. :P

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Come ottenere un colloquio

Come ottenere un colloquio





    Colloquio per Senior Business Development Manager

    Dipendente anonimo a Mumbai (India)
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    Ho presentato la mia candidatura online. La procedura ha richiesto 2 settimane. Ho sostenuto un colloquio presso Fulcro Consulting (Mumbai (India)) a settembre 2019.


    The process is simple, first round is conducted by a 3rd party HR firm, then the final round with the CEO, basically he wants to know how big is your network. They it takes around 2-3 weeks for them to give you an offer.

    Domande poste durante i colloqui

    • 1. Tell me about yourself?
      2. Tell about the people you know in the Industry
      3. your basic understanding about the industry.   Risposta Domanda
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