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Londra, Inghilterra (Regno Unito)
1001 - 5000 dipendenti
Azienda - Settore privato
Negozi di abbigliamento, calzature e grandi magazzini
€ 500 milioni - € 1 miliardo (EUR) all'anno

Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, London Luxury

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    • Equilibrio lavoro/vita privata
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    Ex dipendente - Dipendente anonimo
    Previsioni positive
    Approvazioni del Amministratore delegato (CEO)


    Harrods is a great company, it has a good system of evaluation and selection of employees. It is well organised and offer great benefits for the workers.


    It is difficult to make a career. I've seen most of the people leaving because improving their position was very hard, almost impossible.

    Consigli per i dirigenti

    Keep an eye on those employees who deserve to go further with their career and help them to stay within the company.

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Come ottenere un colloquio




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    Ho presentato la mia candidatura online. La procedura ha richiesto più di 1 settimana. Ho sostenuto un colloquio presso Harrods a ottobre 2016.


    I applied on the company website, filled in a questionary about how I would handle different situations at Harrods.
    After only a couple of hours I received an email saying that I was invited to complete a video interview. I prepared as well as possible and did it the following day. Basically you have to record yourself while you answer 7 very basic questions, most of them regarding your availability. They want to know if you are ready to start asap. You have 30 seconds to read the question and prepare, then it automatically starts to record, and you have one minute max to answer each question. Note that you can also keep it short - I wasn't sure if I could directly go to the next question before the one minute expired, so for the first question I just kept talking for a while saying a bit of irrelevant stuff before realising I could actually skip it. All in all a veeeery easy interview, no need to sweat it.
    After only one hour they sent me an email congratulating me as I was invited for a interview in London: I needed to book an assessment centre slot within 5 working days of receiving that email, as their system automatically removes applications after this time. The only available date at the moment was in only two days. Since I live in Italy it was really expensive for me to fly there in such a short time, and most of the flights were already fully booked. I emailed them asking for another date and they told me to wait until new slots became available. I did so, but no more slots came up, and after only 4 days the website showed that I had no invitations for interviews anymore.
    When I emailed them about the issue, they answered with the exact same email telling me to wait. Very helpful indeed. Now I guess the ship has sailed.
    I was really interested in this job and also willing to invest some good money to go for the interview and move to London in no time, but they need to be more flexible about the interview process - not only for international applicants but also for people who live in London who can be unavailable if they offer them only one date to book.

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Premi e riconoscimenti di Harrods

  • Britains Top Employers, CRF Institute, 2012
  • Best Company to Work For, Best Companies Group, 2012
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