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Londra, Inghilterra (Regno Unito)
Oltre 10000 dipendenti
Azienda - Settore pubblico (MAKSY)
Negozi di abbigliamento, calzature e grandi magazzini
€ 5 - € 10 miliardi (EUR) all'anno

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  • "Amazing - but probably varies store to store!"

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    Ex dipendente - Warehouse Operative
    Ex dipendente - Warehouse Operative
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    Ho lavorato part-time presso Marks & Spencer (Più di un anno)


    - Their online system allows you to basically do everything without having to chase down your supervisor/manager (a big plus for introverts I think). You can: (1) view your rota, (2) change your availability and (3) book holidays off (and at the same time view everyone else's dates booked off so that you can make better decisions with yours).
    - Their contracted hours are good in terms of the amount they are able to offer. Also, there is also plenty of extra shifts if wanted/needed.
    - Their staff lounge is fantastic! Very big and spacious, lots of tables and chairs (can spread out easily), a TV and lots of freebies. They provide tea, coffee, milk (sometimes non-dairy is provided if enough people request it though), fresh fruit (bananas, apples, pears, oranges, etc., changes occasionally), bread (white, brown, different varieties), condiments (salt, pepper, butter, ketchup, mayo, etc.). Several microwaves are available for heating up food, as well as a couple of toasters. Plastic cutlery, plates and cups are available. Best of all is the unlimited coffee machine that dispenses a variety of the usual stuff (latte, mocha, cappuccino, americano, espresso, etc.). They have a couple of desktop PC's at the back which staff can access for personal use or to login to their M&S account.
    - Their staff discount is generous at 20%. This may not make too much of a difference considering how M&S is already a bit more expensive than some of the cheaper supermarkets. However, the discount works on all their sales, offers and reductions which often leads to ridiculous bargains if timed well!


    - At the time, they'd advertise their positions with a rate of "£8.50-£9.00", not stating anywhere that £9.00 would only be paid after a probation period. It took 6 months before I was paid the same £9.00 as everyone else on my team for the same amount of work.
    - Depending on the supervisor/manager, they will not get stuck in and help unless desperate.
    - All of their contracts require you to work at least one Saturday in a two week period and there is no way around this.

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Come ottenere un colloquio




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    Ho presentato la mia candidatura tramite un'agenzia di reclutamento personale. La procedura ha richiesto 3 giorni. Ho sostenuto un colloquio presso Marks & Spencer (Londra, Inghilterra (Regno Unito)) a novembre 2014.


    Initially I was contacted through LinkedIn, this was then followed by an phone interview, very basic, which then led to a mock assessment via email.
    Commercial Analysis with action plan presentation for 90mins, swot plan with 30, 60 & 90 day actions. This is then followed by 30min interview, about previous experience and what you can offer the business.

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    • Why would you give a manager opportunity to fail, when you were briefed that they were a problem.   1 risposta
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  • Britain's Top 100 Graduate Employers, The Times, 2017
  • Top 50 Employers for Women, The Times, 2017
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