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  • Redmond, WA
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  • 1975
  • Azienda quotata in borsa (MSFT)
  • Hardware
  • $ 1 - $ 2 miliardi (USD)

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Satya Nadella
Satya Nadella
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4 ago 2022 - CSAM - Customer Success Account Manager


Azienda molto challenging e leader di mercato


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Candidatura inviata online34%
Assunzione in ambito universitario30%

  1. Colloquio per Customer Success Manager

    Dipendente anonimo, New York, NY
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    Ho presentato la mia candidatura online. Ho sostenuto un colloquio presso Microsoft (New York, NY) nel mese di set 2021


    First interview completed so far, haven't been invited for the second one and I can't comment on an offer because the process is ongoing. The first one is to screen out candidates that don't fit. Interviewer was nice and it was a good experience.

    Just prep for a week at 2hrs a day on common interview question asked by Microsoft. Search that on youtube and you'll find some experts who go through "top 25 questions" or something of that nature. You'll know it when you see it. Good luck and remember to prepare quality answers!

    Tell me about yourself? Why Microsoft? How does your background fit in this role? Tell me about a time when you had to persuade senior management or a direct manager for a project? Talk about a situation where you provided some type of data or fact to steer the project how you wanted versus how they told you to. That worked for me and the interviewer was impressed. It can be something simple too, they just want a quality answer. What type of role would you take on in a group project if you had a choice and why? What do you think this role's day to day looks like? (Firstly the job description was not that descriptive so this part was a bit challenging and I asked the interviewer a follow up question about this) The question I asked was, "Is a CSM responsible for customer relations in terms of Azure services or a mix of Azure and other software licenses?" Their reply (Can't remember word for word): "There are three types of CSM positions: 1. that works on PowerBI and other "BI" related tools, that integrate with Microsoft Teams. Also ServiceNow was something they mentioned for the first type of CSM." 2. The second type of CSM worked on a CRM tool. That's all I remember from the conversation. 3. The third type of CSM that works on Azure Cloud products, similar to a Cloud Solution/Infrastructure Architect. Be prepared for pushback, follow-up questions. For example, they might ask you "Why this....Why that choice, etc." Overall, about 5-8 questions total in a period of about 45 mins. Remember to also research the position thoroughly and research the company in general. That way you can drop in little facts here and there about the company and the interviewer will probably be impressed. I mentioned Microsoft's carbon negative program and asked questions about the Microsoft Aspire program as well. Hope this info helps someone. Remember to post your experience as well, it will always help someone who will be in our shoes at some point in time.

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