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Londra, Inghilterra (Regno Unito)
201 - 500 dipendenti
Azienda - Settore privato
Sconosciuto/Non applicabile
When Monese founder Norris Koppel first moved to the UK from Estonia, he faced a frustrating experience that is all too common.
With no UK credit history or utility bills proving his address, he was immediately denied a bank account. Without one, he found it near ... Continua a leggere

Mission: Not only did we want to make opening and using an account as easy as ordering an Uber, we also wanted to ensure it was accessible to everyone and not just a select few with perfect credit scores and several month’s worth of utility bill ... Continua a leggere

Monese – Perché lavorare con noi?

Our company

Monese, established in 2013 by Norris Koppel, was created to ensure everyone has access to next generation mobile financial services.

Founded on a range of values that we work to breathe into our product and our office culture - fairness, inclusivity, creative collaboration - we're looking for like-minded individuals to help us grow.

How about you grow with us?

Why Monese?

Develop yourself – with others
We believe in working together to create something big. Get an insight on Medium

We’ve got work to do
Next generation banking platforms don't build themselves. We're working to expand on our success - in a fast-paced, delivery driven environment. 

Truly a team effort
Based across four thriving office locations.

Perks and recreation

In addition to the excitement of working at Monese, we also offer a host of perks, including:

Flexible schedule
A work week that works for you - around core business hours.

Fun team events
Our renowned monthly team events offer a chance to mingle at Monese.

Share options
Every team member gets a share in the business.

Work on the go
Work from four office locations, or remotely when you need to.

Our fast growing team is located in London (UK), Tallinn (Estonia), Lisbon (Portugal) and Berlin (Germany). By working with us, you will be part of a carefully selected team who are great at what they do and share the belief in our mission of making banking available to everybody. We’re not just a start-up with an idea; we have a proven business model that is growing exponentially and generates strong revenues.

Join Monese at Career Hunt 2019

Apply for the chance to get an all-expenses-paid trip to Tallinn, to meet us and learn more about working in Estonia!

Now in its second year, Estonia’s Career Hunt initiative is designed to draw the world’s top tech talent to Tallinn, to match them with the country’s biggest tech companies. It was started by the Estonian Government via its Work in Estonia programme.

The top 25 candidates will get flown into Tallinn, with all of their expenses paid, to meet their potential employers and learn more about living in the Nordic tech hub.

The competition is nothing to scoff at – over 5,500 people applied last year, out of which 23 made the trip for the final, face-to-face round of interviews. Seven of them started new jobs in the country shortly after!

Join us as an Android Developer

We fully support this programme, and we’re excited to play our part. So if you’re an Android Developer, come joined a seasoned, cross-functional team of developers, analysts, designers and growth hackers to craft the next generation of mobile banking features for our Android apps.


You’ve got until March 21st to enter. See you in Tallinn!

Recensioni su Monese

  • "Modern company, nice to work for"

    • Equilibrio lavoro/vita privata
    • Cultura e valori
    • Opportunità di carriera
    • Stipendio e benefit
    • Dirigenti senior
    Dipendente attuale - Customer Service Representative
    Dipendente attuale - Customer Service Representative
    Approvazioni del Amministratore delegato (CEO)

    Lavoro a tempo pieno presso Monese (Meno di un anno)


    Modern company, very nice colleagues, lots of perks, dog friendly office


    Usual start-up problems (lack of procedures)

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Come ottenere un colloquio

Come ottenere un colloquio





    Colloquio per Customer Support Specialist

    Candidato anonimo a colloquio a Tallinn (Estonia)
    Nessuna offerta
    Esperienza neutra
    Colloquio facile


    Ho presentato la mia candidatura online. La procedura ha richiesto una settimana. Ho sostenuto un colloquio presso Monese (Tallinn (Estonia)) a dicembre 2019.


    The interview process was very quickly, one through online video and another took place in the office.
    I was very quickly invited to the second interview, after that immediately received a reply that it went very well and mow they need two references.
    The next day received a letter that they had not yet contacted my references but again yesterday changed that mind. That was really disappointing. Seems like there are some organizational difficulties then..
    Too bad i was really into this job offer.

    Domande poste durante i colloqui

    • Do you know our competitors?
      Your previous role.
      Why did you choose Monese.   Risposta Domanda
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  • Best Challenger-Bank, European Fintech Awards, 2016

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