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WeRoad is a community of travellers united by their will to discover faraway countries and cultures and their desire to share this experience with their peers. We design tours for groups of people that share the same interests and lifestyle and we do our best to secure them a ...
Mission: Design and deliver experiences worth living and sharing, rewriting the rules of the travel industry, every f*cking step of the way. Join WeRoad and within just a few days you’ll hear the phrase ​ “road to Unicorn.” From the start we’ve had big dreams, which have only grown ...

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WeRoad Group CEO, Founder Andrea D’Amico, Paolo De Nadai
Andrea D’Amico, Paolo De Nadai
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    The company and the employees are young and want to keep their DNA through the scale up. That means a dynamic environment, great people, unlimited holidays, welfare, life-work balance, smart/remote working (depending on your team). Most importantly, although there are 120+ employees right now, you are not just a number, but a vivid part of the company and your opinion is important and listened.


    Being at this scale maybe the career opportunities are limited, since teams are already in place and defined, but there's the chance to show and express yourself and being rewarded for them.

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      First round consisted of sending a video, explaining why you're the right person for the job. After short time an invitation for a selection day came, about 30 people from different corners of the country appeared. Split up in groups and had to resolve practical cases (I.e. what to do with difficult guests, what items take on a island...) Selection process was guided by already working travel coordinators or so-called gurus, but not from HR. On lunch break we had to go to a restaurant (selection of a restaurant was one of the tasks previous tasks), but had to pay ourselves. The whole day was constant manipulation, people were tricked into a group bond. Nobody ever spoke about payment. When this question was finally raised by someone, the founder of the company Erika said, that they're "trying to revolutionise the travel industry" and therefore salaries aren't really their thing. But the travels are for free... yes, of course. But it also means 10-16 hours work per day and responsibility for a lot of people. Big scheme is being run.

      Where do we go for lunch with 10€ per person.

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